4 Steps to Fully Recharge Post-Holidays

Do you feel more tired now that the holidays are over than you did before they started? Wasn’t vacation supposed to be relaxing? The truth is — as wonderful as family and big parties and gift exchanges are, they can be exhausting. And with prices and crowds both at their highs during the holidays, travel can be tiring too.

If you’re in need of a recharge, travel is relaxing again, and we have some steps to bring you back to normal (or even a little bit better than) right here at Sea Crest Beach Hotel.

Slow Down at Sea Crest Beach Hotel

When you don’t have the deadline of a holiday, getting the kids back to school, or needing to be back in an office — it’s worth letting yourself enjoy the benefits of a slower, longer vacation. You can sleep later, take longer walks, enjoy more dishes from local restaurants and menus, and take in every facet of our refreshing, modern travel destination.

Taking your time can also result in savings with our Stay More, Save More special. Stay three or more nights for savings up to 15 percent off each night, and five or more nights for up to 20 percent off each night.

Enjoy The Little Things

When you’re on a recharge vacation, you can take the time you need and want to enjoy all of the little things that make a nice hotel stay so attractive. When you stay with the Sea Crest Beach Hotel, you can sleep great on our Sealy pillowtop beds, get lost in a movie on one of the high-end flatscreen TVs, and in some rooms you can even enjoy fireplaces and ocean views.

During your refreshing, slowed-down time with us, you can relax at the indoor pool, which features a jacuzzi and kiddie pool. You can also eat in the dining room or takeout from Red’s Restaurant and Lounge — a premier restaurant located here at the hotel.

Make Amends with Your Body

The holidays are a time of indulgence. Now that the constant onslaught of pies, candy, and cocktails has slowed down, it’s time to make amends with your body. At Red’s Restaurant & Lounge, you can find a variety of healthy dishes and mocktails (cheers to our Dry January-celebrating guests) that you can choose from.

For dining, there are healthy options like the Winter Green Salad with dried cranberries and toasted goat cheese, and the Sweet Potato + Quinoa Burger with vegan chipotle aioli.

Go Out & Get Moving! 

When you’ve had enough relaxation and indulgence, then your post-holiday refresh can welcome some physical activity. Here at the hotel, you can work up a sweat at the 24-hour fitness center, take a walk or a run on the beach, and even take part in a beachside yoga class. Off property, you can explore a range of invigorating activities from a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard to skating at the Falmouth Ice Arena.