Celebrate National Dog Day at Sea Crest Beach Hotel

August is here and it is carrying on a summer that has been filled with great travel, and exciting days. At the end of this month, August 26th marks another National Dog Day, when owners all over the country celebrate their pooches, and people raise awareness of the importance of adoption and rescue.

We here at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel believe your dog can be a great complement to your travels, which is why we put together this guide on celebrating National Dog Day with us!

Book A Dog-Friendly Room

Sea Crest Beach Hotel is a great place to stay for travelers going to Cape Cod with a dog. Our recently renovated ground level dog-friendly rooms allow for up to two dogs each, for a small fee of just $200 each. Once you’re checked in and have secured cozy accommodations for your family and dog, Sea Crest Beach Hotel also provides an ideal jumping-off point to exploring Cape Cod with your dog.

Check Out Old Silver Beach & More Nearby Sites

Located along the coast of Wild Harbor, Sea Crest Beach Hotel puts guests within striking distance of a large number of coastal trails, cliffs, beaches, ponds, and more natural attractions that are perfect for a long walk with your dog. We also recommend checking out Wings Pond, Bourne Farm, and the Anna Gordon Moraine Trail.


While you might want to take your dog to the beach while you’re here, most public beaches don’t allow dogs during the summer months. However, for travelers here from September through the spring, taking your pooch on a long beach walk at any of the local favorites can be a great way to celebrate National Dog Day a bit late. And maybe booking the trip is your National Dog Day present to your poochie and family.

Check Out The Cape’s Dog Parks

If you do want to get outside with your dog this summer or beyond, there are plenty of dog parks available to visit around the year. Right here in town, the Town of Falmouth Dog Park provides an easy spot for hotel guests to take dogs to run around and play with other four-legged companions.

Head To A Dog-Friendly Restaurant

You’ll definitely want to explore Cape Cod’s fantastic dining scene while traveling here this summer and beyond. Luckily, there are a number of pet-friendly restaurants right here in Falmouth, and around the Cape. Some of our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in the area include the Falmouth Raw Bar, Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery, and the Black Dog Heights Cafe.