How To Celebrate 4th of July Weekend in Cape Cod

Nowhere is as romantic as Cape Cod over the 4th of July weekend. Sunshine, lobster, and smiling faces are plentiful, and the area is rich with celebrations and beloved traditions through the long three-day break and beyond. The best way to enjoy your Independence Day getaway to Cape Cod is to immerse yourself in some events while also reserving time to enjoy the simple highlights of staying by the beach.

For some guidance on how to make the most of your getaway, here’s a brief guide on how to celebrate 4th of July Weekend in Cape Cod.

Get in Early for Some Local Fun

When you travel to Cape Cod for the holiday weekend, it’s more than worth it to get in a bit early to check in here at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel to get settled and get a lay of the land. If you arrive on the 2nd or 3rd, there’s so much beauty to soak up around us at places like Megansett Beach, Old Silver Beach, the Falmouth Cliffs, and Little Island.

Check Out the Barnstable 4th of July Parade

Every year, nearby Barnastable has one of the best 4th of July Weekend celebrations. This year will begin on Sunday, July 3rd with the Wianno Annual Parade, which will feature golf carts, fire trucks, bike riding, and even some antique cars on display. The following morning, the town will kick off Independence Day with the Barnstable Parade & House Decorating Contest. Throughout the day, there’s face painting, ice cream, creative floats, and even a mini marathon — all making it a fantastic event for families.

Get Some Takeout & Hit the Beach

If you’re spending this amazing weekend in Cape Cod, then it’s really worth taking some time to hit the beach to hang out and celebrate with the locals. There’s no better or easier way than hitting the shores near the Sea Crest Beach Hotel, and to make the experience extra special, be sure to stop by Red’s for some seafood takeout. The lobster roll and haddock sandwich are both stellar options for a beach picnic.

Head to the Falmouth Fireworks

Being a Falmouth-based hotel, we are partial to the Falmouth Fireworks show, which is taking place again this year. There are fireworks displays across Cape Cod, so if your adventures take you elsewhere, you can still count on some pyrotechnic extravaganza to enjoy.

But if you can keep nearby and check out the Falmouth Fireworks Display, we can’t recommend it enough. It’s been voted one of the 10 best fireworks displays in the country by Travel & Leisure Magazine. And it’s tentatively scheduled for dusk on the 4th with the 5th being the rain date.