Spa room with massage table

Cape Cod Spa Resort

Relax, unwind and pamper yourself at our resort's Oasis by the Sea spa.

Spa Services


Soothing Wave ….. 50 minutes/$110
Swedish massage for calm and balance

Deep Wave
….. 50 minutes/$120
Restorative deep tissue massage

The Oasis
….. 50 minutes/$120
A perfect blend of massage with essential oil, warm stone and cool cucumber eyes

Oasis Couple
….. 50 minutes/$240
Side by side Oasis massage bliss for the happy couple. Advance reservations required.

Warm Stone ..... 50 minutes/$125

Upgrade any massage to ..... 80 minutes/+$55

Chair Massage
..... 15 minutes/$20

Foot Reflexology ….. 30 minutes/$45

Skin Body Nails

Oasis Facials ….. $85-$110

Body Polish/Wrap ….. $110

Spa Pedi ….. $60
  • With reflexology ..... $75
  • Add a mani ..... $50

Beautiful Bridal

Bride's Hair ….. $145
  • Add make-up: $125
Bridesmaid's Hair ….. $85+
  • Add make-up: $85
Bridal Spa Party …. Call Oasis by the Sea for details: 508-294-8632

Wedding Styling …. $65+

Wedding Make-Up …. $65+

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Book your appointment by calling or texting Oasis by the Sea at 508-294-8632.

Notes: Prices are subject to change, and deposits may be required for some services. A 20% service charge will be added to wedding services over $100, and cancellation fees may apply. Oasis by the Sea is an independent operator.