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A Historic Choice in Cape Cod Hotels

The history of the Sea Crest Beach Hotel goes back nearly 100 years.

We’ve changed with the times, but one part has stayed the same. Sea Crest Beach Hotel is always the place with a friendly vibe and an uncanny knack for bringing people together. It’s where guests come, cast off their pretenses (shoes, too), and let their cares slip away over meals, laughs and great surroundings.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

From the Sea Crest Beach Hotel’s start as the Old Silver Beach Club, it was a summer refuge for aspiring actors such as Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. In 1942, it was renamed the Latin Quarter by the father of TV news personality Barbara Walters and eventually became Cape Cod's most popular gathering place. Over the years and taking the name, Sea Crest Beach Hotel, the resort has become a natural part of Cape Cod life. Simply the place you go in Cape Cod to see old friends and take away new memories. Many of our guests and their families have been vacationing with us for multiple generations.

Like we said, we wouldn’t have it any other way.